The wireless charging company.

In2Power specialises in powerful wireless charging solutions for industrial applications of industrial electric vehicles.

Charging time.

In2Power specialises in maximizing the use of time. By optimizing charging opportunities with cutting-edge wireless technology, we are able to create more efficient movements, within the same time frame, compared to traditional charging systems.

Wireless means worry less.

Wireless charging is safer and more efficient than traditional charging technologies. 

It is maintenance free, does not involve sparks or electrified contacts and allows for autonomous charging cycles without any human intervention or down time. Our products are built into zero-emission vehicles that are smart and significantly more cost-efficient than traditional systems.

Improving movement.

Our products respond to the growing demand within the industrial sector for the safe and more efficient charging of automated vehicles. Purpose-built from the ground up, our solutions reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to traditional charging systems. Our products can be applied to a wide range of industrial electric vehicles.

Enabling efficiency.

We’re revolutionizing the way industrial electric vehicles are charged, in order to reduce costs and empower smart, efficient movement. Aided by new thinking and cutting-edge technology, we create new perspectives for in-process charging, enabling our clients to gain efficiency with minimal effort.

Plug and play.

Our wireless charging solutions do not require any significant changes to the infrastructure. Our products feature a plug and play installation, using a modular design aimed at quick assembly, easy replacement and the opportunity to change the locations of charging points. We offer solutions with charging currents from 40A to 500A for a 48V battery (minimum 18V, maximum 60V).